Internet-Stuff and Excel
Well, I could set you up a page like this (including a website for one year) for a hundred bucks. Also, I could do all kinds of crazy stuff with data in Excel if you wanted me to (and paid well) or even program you some calculation-stuff or such in Excel, too. Well, go ahead and ask if I could really do THAT (what you have in mind). I couldn’t, now could I?

Light & Sound
I am interested in doing events of all kinds, and I have lots of equipment at my disposal. Check out my professional site.

What I’ve done so far is a professional translation of a psychological assessment program done for the Otto-company, as well as a text about Egyptian burial rites translated for someone privately interested in the topic. I’d love to do more!

Writing, thinking, teaching
I’d love to do some writing for someone, about something that interests me as well. I can think. I don’t really know how to teach, I’m afraid, but I can try to show things. And I like being shown things. You’ll have to make something out of this, maybe I can be of assistance?

Photography (obviously)
I just bought professional equipment to get going. In the very near future I have several TFP-Shootings which will have me get used to camera, models, equipment and shooting itself. The camera, the Sony A77 with 24MP and more options than one can try out in a lifetime, is brand new and waiting – for YOU!

Magic: The Gathering
Any card you need or that you want to sell? I’m your guy.
Check out www.magic-trade.de.

Together with its inventor, Jan Bauer, I am working on a card-game called “Powdern” which has been around for over 25 years in a simpler version – which has been played thousands of times. After the immense success wiith our friends and many acquaintances, there will now be a new version, professionally set up, but hopefully not losing it’s charm. The new version is scheduled for release around August this year.
I am very interested in creating new games, as long as the goal is to get them published in some way. If you’re interested to get a copy of this one once it’s released, you need to save 18€ until August/September and let me know. We’re planning to print a limited first edition of 2.000 copies.

Drache (Groß)